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The Christian and Politics

In politics, Christians align themselves on different sides of major political debates. Some Christians will argue passionately in favor of government action on a certain public policy, while other Christians argue loudly against it. Moreover, there are times when we tend to become too emotionally invested with our preferred political candidates to the point that we are willing to damage our relationships with fellow believers because of disagreements in politics.[1] That is why when it comes to politics, it can really become so emotionally toxic, mentally draining, relationally messy, and spiritually destructive. Politics tends to polarize our society in general, and the body of Christ in particular. Political divisions are evident on social media, where discussions by all sides are […]

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How Should Christians Respond to Debates About the COVID-19 Vaccines?

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Pastoral Guidelines and Reflection, Updated October 7, 2021 As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge around the world, the deadly virus which started in 2020 keeps infecting and killing millions of people. When the COVID-19 vaccines came out in 2021, Christian responses were diverse. Some are against the vaccines, others favor the vaccines, and there are those who are somewhere in between. The various justifications for these views range from ethical, medical, political, to theological reasons. On one side of the debate are pro-COVID vaccine Christians. Many believers see the COVID-19 vaccines as a blessing from God amidst this global pandemic crisis. Because science is a God-given enterprise that seeks to understand the order and complexity of God’s creation, Christians […]

October 7, 2021

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What Concerns You? | Jonah

What Concerns You?

The Lord prefers to see men come to repentance rather than perish. And in the same way that God wanted Jonah to share His concern for the people of Nineveh, God also wants us to share His concern for the people around us. Will you be like Jonah?

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