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At CBCP, we believe that our church must grow larger and smaller at the same time. Our Life Groups allow our church to grow without losing the personal relationships that are essential to maintaining the Christian lives that the Bible calls us to. 

CBCP Life Groups connect people relationally in small groups for the purpose of growing in Christ-likeness.

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by Francissa Haw – November 2011

When my husband, Jimmy, and I were married, I thought everything would be fine, as we were both new Christians and I knew that God was the center of our relationship. However, in the course of building a family, we started to experience financial difficulties, and my husband realized he had to go the extra mile to work so we could make ends meet. 

That was the turning point in our relationship. He became very focused on his business and changed his priorities, forgetting that we had God to turn to. We began to take very different paths, with me taking care of the children while he solely took care of the business. When he had to choose, he always chose work over family, focusing on work rather than bonding with us. Also, to relax from all his hard work, he got into motocrossing, a very dangerous sport — one I did not agree with. 

His hobby and business began to take up too much of his time, which frustrated me. As a result, our relationship began to suffer, with a lot of unsettled issues, as we did not have enough time together, and open communication was zero. There was no harmony in our relationship, and while our children longed for their father’s presence, he was not able to give them that.

I wanted my children to grow up in a Christian environment, so I enrolled them in a Christian school. It was at this school that one of my daughter’s classmates invited us to attend the Sunday school here at CBCP. Eventually, I was invited to join the Congressional small group that met on Friday nights. 

By being involved in this small group, I really began to grow as a Christian. I learned a lot about the word of God through fellowship with my fellow believers, and I enjoyed being with the group. A lot of the lessons we learned hit home, and I realized that if I wanted change from my husband, I should be the first one to change. 

I tried to be more understanding and patient with him, and I started helping him with the business. I thought this went unnoticed, as I was the only one attending small group, which my husband did not want to join. But the good thing was, after our small group on Fridays, my husband would fetch me, and when he did, the group persistently invited and encouraged him to join. At first, he was hesitant to join, but as a group, it became our prayer that he would one day join us.

After years of praying, and with my small groupmates never giving up on him, Jimmy is now a part of our group. Since joining the small group, I have seen how he has changed a lot. He spends more time with us as a family; last summer, we went out of town for a vacation, which was really good since it was our first time to have a vacation like that as a family. He began to take part in family matters, and we started to appreciate his effort. He also began going to church regularly. During our 40 Days of Love, he even invited his sister-in-law and friends to join our group. 

Surprisingly, he became an instrument used by God to increase our small group in numbers. While we may have our occasional problems as a couple, we are now able to talk things through. And most importantly, we are both now attending the Congressional small group together and growing as Christians side by side. 

Having seen how God uses small groups to bring people together, I would like to encourage everyone who does not have a small group to join one now. It is truly amazing to have fellowship with fellow believers. And with God, indeed, nothing is impossible. Thank you and God bless you all.

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