Life Groups

At CBCP, we believe that our church must grow larger and smaller at the same time. Our Life Groups allow our church to grow without losing the personal relationships that are essential to maintaining the Christian lives that the Bible calls us to. 

CBCP Life Groups connect people relationally in small groups for the purpose of growing in Christ-likeness.

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Santiago Life Group

Adult – Couples Group

“My wife and I are thankful to belong in a Life Group. It’s a life-changing experience in our marriage and family. Through LG’s weekly meeting, we have learned many life lessons we cannot learn from the outside world. Life experiences can be challenging and confusing at times, especially now that there is a pandemic, but meeting once a week with our life group has given us big support spiritually and emotionally. We could say that this became a part of our “essentials”. The support and the feeling that you have brothers and sisters who pray for you is a blessing. To us, Life Group is family, and our head is Jesus Christ.”

Tuesday Diversity Singles (Ladies)

Dare (Youngpro) – Ladies

“To be part of a life group is a great blessing because you get a lot of support and encouragement from being with a community who share the same faith, worldview, and values with you. That is what I appreciate most about life group; that you can talk openly about your faith, encounters with God, and even your struggles and questions about life.”

Emerge (Youth) – Ladies

“Life Group helped me grow closer to God. Through life group, I was able to meet new Christian friends that would help me live a Christ-centered life in this self-centered world. It also feels like a family where I can share my problems and thoughts without the fear of being judged.”

Emerge (Youth) – Ladies

“I appreciate how much LG and the church in general are so accepting and they don’t easily judge because they know that everyone who wants to learn more about Christ or create a better bond with Him should always be welcomed and loved. LG also provides a safe space where you create a bond with each other while also helping each other grow more in your Christianity. LG has definitely helped me grow not only with my Christianity but also me as a person, I think that I have learned a lot of things that I use in my daily life and my LG definitely helps keep me in track.”

Emerge (Youth) – Ladies

“Life Group has helped me to reconnect with God. And to improve my relationship with Him. life group encourages me to learn about God and also make it fun and interesting. It also has helped me make more friends and to encourage each other and remind each other to not forget about God. life group is my safe space.”