Psalms Devotionals

Psalms Devotionals

Building a Personal Worship Habit through the Psalms

This devotional series will help you reflect on one Psalm a day during your personal worship time with God. If you find personal worship to be a new concept or a challenging habit to get into, there is no need to worry! This series uses a step-by-step guide that will help you get started with spending quality time with God and His word!

Each booklet contains helpful prompts and questions to help you reflect on every psalm and how it applies to your personal relationship and walk with God. 

Book One of the Psalms (Chapters 1-41)

While the psalms are not organized by topic, it is helpful to compare the dominant themes in each section of the Psalms to the five books of Moses. The first collection of psalms, mainly written by David, is similar to the book of Genesis. Just as Genesis tells how mankind was created, fell into sin, and was then promised redemption, many of these psalms discuss the human condition as one where man is blessed, fallen, and redeemed by God. 

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Book Two of the Psalms (Chapters 42-72)

The second collection of psalms, mainly written by David and the sons of Korah, is similar to the book of Exodus. Just as Exodus describes the nation of Israel, many of these psalms describe the nation as ruined and then recovered. As God rescued the nation of Israel, He also rescues us. These Psalms remind us that we do not have to come up with solutions first; instead, we can go to God with our problems and ask Him for help.

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Books Three and Four of the Psalms (Chapters 73-89 and 90-106)

Mainly written by Asaph or his descendants, the third collection of psalms is similar to the book of Leviticus. Many of the songs and writings talk about the Temple and God’s enthronement just like Leviticus. They tell us that “because God is almighty, we can turn to Him for deliverance”. These psalms praise God because He is holy, and His perfect holiness deserves our worship and reverence.

Meanwhile, the fourth collection of psalms is similar to the book of Numbers. Most of it is written by unknown authors. Just as Numbers discusses Israel’s relationship with surrounding nations, these psalms often mention the relationship between God’s overruling Kingdom and the other nations. Because we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, we can look at the events and troubles of earth with a different perspective. 

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Book Five of the Psalms (Chapters 107-150)

The fifth and final collection of psalms is written mainly by David and has many similarities to the book of Deuteronomy. Just as Deuteronomy was concerned with God and His Word, these psalms are anthems of praise and thanksgiving for God and His Word. Most of the psalms were originally set to music and used in worship. We can use these psalms today as they were used in the past, as a hymnbook of praise and worship. This is a book that ought to make our hearts sing.

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About the Psalms Devotionals

The contents of the Psalms Devotional Series were created by the following Pastors of Christian Bible Church of the Philippines: Ptr. Genesis Tan, Ptr. Mike Cariño, Ptr. Allan Rillera, Ptr. Jared Co, Ptr. Giselle Po, and Ptr. Michelle Tan.