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In Unity | Draw Near to God

Unity takes work and requires prayer. This week, Ptr. Jared Co explains why true unity among the community of believers leads to God's glory and is worth our persistent effort.
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From our Pastors

Reflections from the pastors of the church.

Because | Hosea

Our loving God is also a just God. Let us be thoughtful about the things we do and say because every word and act has consequences.
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The Reef | Hosea

The Lord sent the prophet Hosea to deliver a warning to the northern Kingdom of Israel. Today, the truths in Hosea’s message are still applicable to our modern times.
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Sources of Suffering – Part 2

There is more to suffering than what meets the eye. Last week, we began to unravel this mystery by examining four possible sources of suffering. This week, let's discover four more reasons why God allows us to experience suffering.
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Sources of Suffering – Part 1

At some point, each of us will find ourselves wondering why man has to suffer. Thankfully, the Bible calls out at least eight possible sources of suffering. Let’s look at the first four sources this week to better understand why God allows us to experience suffering.
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Message Series

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Encounters with God

The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary people like us encountering our extraordinary God – and having their lives transformed as a result. Let us learn from the lives of believers who have come before us. 

The Excellent Christian Life

What does it mean to have an excellent life as a Christian? If our faith does not directly influence all aspects of our lives – our mindset, our choices, our attitude, our priorities – can we truly have an excellent Christian life? 

The Power of Resurrection

What type of believer are you? Have you been transformed and redeemed? Has your faith been put to the test? Watch this series to understand the Lord’s transforming work.