Come and Serve

As we emulate Jesus Christ’s service to the church, and as we fulfill the purpose of our existence as a church, we serve one another in various ministry areas. 

Find a ministry area that matches your spiritual and physical gifts. Let us serve God and one another! 

Worship Ministry

Adviser: Rev. Jeremiah Cheung
Chair: Ronald Yang

Pulpit Ministry. Rev Jeremiah Cheung
Worship Teams. Ronald Yang / Errol Gallespen / Yashu Ang
– Main Choir. Ferdinand Hui / Edison Kho
– MOST. William Ong / Johnny Cheng
– Heavenly Voices. Cynthia Chua / Anissa Chua
– Children’s Choir. Eleanor Lee / Desiree Ong / Catherine Gatchalian / Rachael Tan
– Youth Choir. Yashu Ang

Mission Ministry

Adviser: Rev. Jeremiah Cheung
Chair: Frank Tee

Missionary Caring. Cynthia Chua / Timothy Jones Ong
Project Grace. Cynthia Chua / Eleanor Lee / Jacquiline Tan
Scholarship. Mary Jane Gatchalian / John See
Medical Clinic. Dy Soat Tong / Joanna Kiok
Tagalog Life Group. Rudy Santos / Lourdes Santos / Ptr. Gideon Nitafan
Tagalog Worship. Rudy Santos / Ptr. Gideon Nitafan

Multimedia Ministry

Adviser: Rev. Jeremiah Cheung
Chair: Cris Gamboa

Decoration and Design. Glory Ty. Desiree Ong
Graphic Design. Jaynee Co / Eunice Gatchalian
Livingstone. Peter Tiope / Kashin Chueng / Abigail Largoza
Printing. Antonio Ng / James Ang / Anson So
Photography. Joseph Santos / Joshua Gatchalian
Video. Achilles Baluyot / John Oliver Pascual
Sound Booth. Achilles Baluyot / Clement Velasco
Information Technology. Cris Gamboa / Clement Velasco
Website. Peter Tiope / M. Dy

Administration Ministry

Adviser: Kashin Cheung
Chair: Paul Tee

Property. William Ong
Transporation. Frank Tee
Library Ministry. Paul Tee / Jacquiline Tan
Wedding Ministry. Kathrina Crisostomo / AnalynYae-Cue
Membership Ministry. Kashin Cheung / Ruby Gatchalian
Greeter and Usher Ministry. Paul Tee / Adriana Tan

KiDS Ministry

Adviser: Dr. Irene Yang
Chair: Eleanor Lee

KiDS Sunday Worship. Kathrina Crisostomo
Kids’ Camp. Sherwin Yu
Vacation Bible School. Joyce Tolentino 

eMerge Youth Ministry

Adviser: Ptr. Albert See
Chair: Frederick Young

eMerge Youth Worship. Anita Tee / Ruby Gatchalian
eMerge Life Groups. Frederick Young
eMusic. Daniel Go

Discipleship Ministry

Adviser: Rev. Jeremiah Cheung
Chair: Alex Gatchalian

Life Groups. Ptr. Genesis Tan / Life Group Leaders

DARE Singles Ministry

Adviser: Ptr. Giselle Po
Chair: Jervis Ng