Project Ezra: Bible Reading Plan

(Ezra 7:10 NLT) “…Ezra had determined to study and obey the Law of the Lord and to teach those decrees and regulations to the people of Israel.”

About Project Ezra

Dear Reader,

We are excited and glad that you have taken interest in this Bible Reading Plan. This reading plan was created by Christian Bible Church of the Philippines (CBCP) to engage and encourage the community to join the church as one to read the Bible. This 2-year reading plan is chronologically broken down into sixteen chapters to tell one unified story that leads to Jesus. Hopefully, this will make the reading easier and more interesting. For 2022, we will read through the Old Testament for 5 days a week. Bible Project videos will be shared at the start of each book of the Bible. These animated videos will introduce us to the outline and overall message of the book and they will give us a better understanding of the Bible as a whole. To start your reading journey, simply join our Facebook Group by going to It would be great if you could join the Facebook group to share your thoughts and reading milestones online, but if you wish to follow along offline, this plan will help guide you through your readings nonetheless. God’s blessings are with those who will read, understand, and live by His Word.


What To Do:

Step 1: When and if available, please watch the Bible Project video

Step 2: Read the assigned passages for the day.

Step 3: Engage with us: like the post, share your comments


Digital Fillable Calendar Checklist

For those who prefer a digital checklist to keep track of your progress, you may download this and tick the chapters you have read as you go along.

Project Ezra Reading Plan – Fillable Checklist


Printable Checklist

For those who prefer a checklist they can print out and fill up manually; please download this PDF checklist, print and check or shade the chapters you have read.

Project Ezra Reading Plan_printable


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