Restoring God’s Plan for the Family

Restoring God’s Plan for the Family (11). Reclaiming Our Families

Many of us are busy fighting battles outside our homes. We expend time, energy, and emotions at our workplaces and businesses to secure a better future for our families. But if we’re not careful, we might fail to fight the more important battles happening right at our doorsteps. David experienced this; while he was away, his loved ones were attacked and captured by the enemy (1 Samuel 30:1-20). In this week’s message, Ptr. Genesis Tan shares David’s experience and shows us how, in his distress, David constantly sought God in prayer and tirelessly pursued the enemy. With God on his side, David was able to reclaim his family.

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Restoring God’s Plan for the Family (9). Seven Questions on Divorce and Remarrying (1 of 3)

The topics of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarrying have long been thorny issues from the time of the Apostle Paul until today. To address this, Paul wrote a full chapter which can be found in 1 Corinthians 7:1-40. Rev. Cheung breaks this chapter into parts via seven questions, starting with: Q.1: Is sex a spiritual matter?   Q.2: May someone who had once been married re-marry?

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