October 16, 2016

Restoring God’s Plan for the Family (11). Reclaiming Our Families

Many of us are busy fighting battles outside our homes. We expend time, energy, and emotions at our workplaces and businesses to secure a better future for our families. But if we’re not careful, we might fail to fight the more important battles happening right at our doorsteps.

David experienced this; while he was away, his loved ones were attacked and captured by the enemy (1 Samuel 30:1-20).

In this week’s message, Ptr. Genesis Tan shares David’s experience and shows us how, in his distress, David constantly sought God in prayer and tirelessly pursued the enemy. With God on his side, David was able to reclaim his family.

Message by Ptr. Genesis Tan

Discussion Questions

1. In what ways have you neglected your family? your spouse? and your children?

2. Have you been physically absent and/or emotionally disengaged with your spouse and children? Why? What can you do to change this situation?

3. In light of the message that you have heard, what specific action steps can you take to apply what you have learned? (Do this in the next 7 days; it should be specific, measurable and realistic.)

4. What makes it difficult for you to apply what you have learned from this message?
What steps can you take to try and overcome it?

5. For those with lifegroups, how can your lifegroup help you or encourage you in the specific area of your struggle?

6. To whom can you share what you have learned from this message? (Look for someone and share your learnings.)

Books and Media mentioned in this week’s message

          My Husband's Mistress is Me