The Church’s Path to Further Growth (Psalm 1:3)

While our church grows year after year, we must also be concerned with how we can sustain this growth. On the occasion of our church’s anniversary, let us look to the example of trees because the Bible often uses trees to portray righteous men.

April 5, 2009

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Samson: The Strongest Judge yet Worst Failure (2) His Failure (1)

There were four important women in Samson’s life: his mother, a Philistine girl, the prostitute in Gaza, and Delilah. Apart from his mother who was a good influence on him, the other three women brought Samson harm. Samson’s failures in life all had something to do with these women. Samson’s weakness was his failure in the aspect of his sexual relations with the opposite sex. Not only is this Samson’s weakness, but this is a struggle for all men, so we must take special precaution in this area!

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