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TWE 5: Do You Have a Right to Be Angry? (Jonah 4)

`Do You Have a Right to Be Angry?’ This is a question the Lord directed at Jonah twice (v.4 & v.9). We must remember, we are Jonah – often, we get angry at the Lord, at the church, at our church leaders, at our brothers and sisters. Let us allow God to ask us the same question today – do you have a right to be angry? These 11 verses contain two dialogues between God and man, the first dialogue is found in verses 1-4, and the second in verses 8-11. Let us examine them today.

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Together We Evangelize (3) – Depraved Man and God of Deliverance (Jonah 2)

by Rev. Jeremiah Cheung [iframe 500px 500px] Last time, we studied chapter one of the Book of Jonah on the topic “Are You Quitting, Too?” We concluded the message with three `but’s’. The first `but’ is Jonah’s refusal to obey – v.3 `But Jonah ran away from the Lord.’ The second `but’ is Jonah’s downward spiral – v.5 `but Jonah had gone below deck.’ The third `but’ is God’s grace – v. 17 `But the Lord provided a great fish to swallow Jonah’ because The Lord didn’t want to see Jonah slide any further downhill! When Jonah was in the fish belly, he offered up a prayer. This prayer is unique in that it was made inside a fish […]

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Together We Evangelize (2) – Are You Quitting, too? (Jonah 1)

by Rev. Jeremiah Cheung [iframe 500px 500px] We are all familiar with Jonah’s story. Are you quitting, too? Today, I would like us to reflect on this thought as we study Jonah chapter one together. In Jonah 1, the phrase ‘flee from the Lord’ appeared three times. The prophet Jonah said he was running away from the Lord. The prophet knew God, he knew that God was omnipresent, surely he knows that there is no place he can go to hide from the Lord? It was not that Jonah didn’t know no one could hide from the Lord, but what he meant was he was quitting, he refused to carry out his assigned mission. In this chapter of 17 […]

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