Together We Evangelize

Together We Evangelize (1) – A Fresh Look at the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20)

by Rev. Jeremiah Cheung [iframe 500px 500px] The Church has already determined its direction for the next five years with the following themes: In 2011, it is Together We Evangelize; 2012 – Together We Worship, 2013 – Together We Fellowship, 2014 – Together We Equip, 2015 – Together We Serve. Let us begin with evangelism. This is our direction, our vision. The Church’s theme for this year is “The Gospel for Loved Ones, Grace for Everyone”. Our goal is that everyone determines to pray for, witness to, and lead three close friends or relatives to the Lord. However there is one important matter we must remember and that is when we bring them into the Church, for at least […]

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