Servanthood (4): Principles of Servanthood 2: Moses’ 2nd 40 Years

Rev. Jeremiah Cheung continues to share the ‘Principles of Servanthood‘ in this study of the second 40 years of Moses’ life. When Moses left the Egyptian royal palace to become a shepherd, he began the second phase of his life: four decades of quiet, where he stayed hidden from others. We know with the benefit of hindsight that this period of Moses’ life was essential to bring about a transformation that will prepare him for God’s work.

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Servanthood (1). Secret of Servanthood

Rev. Jeremiah Cheung kicks off the year 2017 with a new message series on Servanthood. Before we can go out and serve God, we must know Him first. Rev. Cheung looks at the life of a great servant of God in the Old Testament (Exodus 3:1-6) to reveal how meeting God can transform a person’s character and work in the ministry.

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