January 22, 2017

Servanthood (4): Principles of Servanthood 2: Moses’ 2nd 40 Years

Rev. Jeremiah Cheung continues to share the ‘Principles of Servanthood‘ in this study of the second 40 years of Moses’ life.

When Moses left the Egyptian royal palace to become a shepherd, he began the second phase of his life: four decades of quiet, where he stayed hidden from others. We know with the benefit of hindsight that this period of Moses’ life was essential to bring about a transformation that will prepare him for God’s work.

This message is part of our ongoing series on Servanthood. You can also catch Rev. Cheung’s earlier message on Moses’ First Forty Years in our message archives. See part 5

Discussion Questions

1. From the first forty years of Moses’s life, we learned that the first two Principles of Servanthood are: (1) God chooses us to serve and (2) we choose to serve God. This sequence cannot be interchanged. Why?

2. Why can’t we rely on our talents and abilities to serve God? What do we mean by forgetting what we have learned?

3. We have to know God first before we can serve Him. How can we really know God?

4. Why do many people not really know themselves? How can a person really know his own self?