Love Between In-Laws – Ruth (2)

An important secret can be learned from Naomi and Ruth’s relationship, that is, to have good relationship with people, you must “consider the welfare of others.” But how many people are able to consider other people in every situation?

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Rescue in Desperate Times – Ruth (1)

Naomi felt unworthy to go back to Bethlehem, but she courageously faced their failure, and as a result, Naomi obtained God’s blessing. Where lies the secret of Naomi’s deliverance from her desperate situation? She chose to bravely face her situation, she knew people will look down on her, and she will be mocked, but she chose to face it, and so, she found the Lord’s care and was rescued from her desperate situation.

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The Church’s Path to Further Growth (Psalm 1:3)

While our church grows year after year, we must also be concerned with how we can sustain this growth. On the occasion of our church’s anniversary, let us look to the example of trees because the Bible often uses trees to portray righteous men.

April 5, 2009

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