March 10, 2024

Leave the Accounting to God

Church leaders are servants and stewards of God, appointed by Him and for Him. This week, Ptr. Nathan Tee reminds us that God chooses the shepherds of His flock, so only He can decide the worthiness of His servants’ work.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

1 Corinthians 4:1-7

Life Group Discussion Guide

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1. Start with a prayer

2. Engage one another (15-30 mins)
– Reflect on a time when you found it challenging to avoid judging someone else. How did you overcome that tendency, or what would you do differently now?

3. Engage the mind (15-20 mins)
– Read the passage. How should our identity as faithful stewards shape our perspective as God’s servants (and not man’s)?
– If a friend says that we should not tell people they are wrong because we should not “judge,” how would you answer? Is this response biblical?

4. Engage the heart (15-20 mins)
– Reflect on your own attitudes and past actions toward church leaders. Have you ever expected them to function as customer service or people-pleasers, rather than recognizing them as God’s stewards?
– Examine your heart: Are there any traces of pride or insecurity in comparing yourself to others in terms of the responsibilities entrusted to you? What can help and hinder you from cultivating a humble and secure heart as a faithful steward?

5. Engage the hands (15-20 mins)
– In what specific ways can you actively hold yourself and others accountable to the standards of God rather than relying on human preferences or opinions in your judgments?
– What concrete steps can you take to avoid the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others, recognizing that each person has unique responsibilities entrusted by God? How can you focus on stewarding what you’ve been personally entrusted with, whether it be plenty or little?

6. Engage with God in prayer (20-30 mins)
– Thank the Heavenly Father for entrusting us with the precious responsibility of stewarding His mystery—the Gospel. Praise Him for the privilege of being called a faithful steward and for the grace that enables us to share this life-transforming message with others. Express your gratitude for His unending mercy, and acknowledge that your worth is not determined by worldly standards but by His infinite love. Pray that your life would continually reflect the beauty of His Gospel, and that you may bring glory to His Name.
– Humbly approach God and recognize the times when you have allowed the judgments of others to shape your view of yourself. Ask for forgiveness for seeking validation from worldly standards rather than finding your identity in Him. Repent for the moments when you’ve harshly judged yourself and failed to see the balanced perspective He has on our lives. Ask for help to release the burden of self-judgment and embrace the freedom that comes from knowing you are fearfully and wonderfully made by His hands. Also repent for any idolization or worship of others, acknowledging that He alone is worthy of such devotion. Ask God to cleanse your heart and mind, and guide you to focus on how He sees us.

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