March 3, 2024

解決結黨分爭的秘訣 The Secret to Resolving Divisions

自以為有智慧與以人為誇口會產生教會結黨分爭. 本週,張國強牧師提醒我們要尋求神的智慧, 以神誇口, 這樣我們才能用福音的角度看待教會.

The church fractures into cliques when we consider ourselves wise or place our confidence in the greatness of other people. This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung reminds us to seek God’s wisdom and boast in Him alone so we can see the church clearly from the perspective of the Gospel.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

林前 1 Corinthians 3:18-23

Life Group Discussion Guide

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1. Start with a prayer

2. Engage one another (15-30 mins)
• Share a time you witnessed the negative impact of worldly wisdom influencing decisions within your life/circle of friends. How did it manifest, and what lessons can be drawn from that experience?

3. Engage the mind (15-20 mins)
• Read the passage. Where were vv.19-20 originally quoted in the Bible? What is their significance to this passage on worldly wisdom?
• Provide specific situations and beliefs that fall under worldly wisdom and how they differ from spiritual wisdom.

4. Engage the heart (15-20 mins)
• Be honest: Do you find yourself leaning more toward worldly wisdom or spiritual wisdom when it comes to your perspective on the Gospel?
• Evaluate yourself: What is your attitude toward weakness? Are you open to acknowledging your own weaknesses, or do you tend to boast in your strengths? How does this align with the God-centered life advocated in the message?

5. Engage the hands (15-20 mins)
• Have you ever mixed up the order of God → Christ → Church → God’s servants? What specific steps can you implement in your life to ensure that this order is upheld?
• Reflect on your interactions within your Life Group, family, or community. In what ways can you contribute to an environment where boasting is centered on the Lord rather than on individuals or human wisdom?

6. Engage with God in prayer (20-30 mins)
• Praise God for the profound truth that salvation comes through faith in the crucified Savior. Thank Him for His unwavering wisdom that surpasses human understanding. Pray that your life may be a continual expression of gratitude for the incredible gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.
• Humbly acknowledge the time you may have been swayed by worldly wisdom, thinking yourself wise in your own understanding. Ask for forgiveness for the moments when you’ve allowed pride to overshadow the truth. Repent for boasting in yourself and others, taking glory that rightly belongs to God. Ask for help to consistently boast in Him alone and to recognize your weaknesses, acknowledging that it is through His strength that we are saved.

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