January 28, 2024

Lowliness, Suffering, and the Cross

Relying on worldly wisdom makes us conceited and leads us away from God’s true calling. This week, Ptr. Isaac Cheung reminds us that we can’t embrace God’s wisdom without acknowledging our weaknesses and flaws. Let us depend on God’s power to guide us as we follow the lifestyle of the cross of Christ.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

1 Cor 1:26-31

Life Group Discussion Guide

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1. Start with a prayer

2. Engage one another (15-30 mins)
• Share your understanding of the Cross. What experiences/contributed to this understanding? Do you have questions or doubts about the Cross?

3. Engage the mind (15-20 mins)
• Read the passage. In what ways do the love and justice of God intersect at the Cross? How does understanding this intersection impact your relationship with God and your view of His character?
• How does knowing that the Cross represents a reversal, where God chose the losers and nobodies, challenge societal norms and expectations? How does it impact your view of your own identity as a follower of Christ?

4. Engage the heart (15-20 mins)
• Reflect on your experience of God’s calling in your life. How has this calling shaped your understanding of salvation and given you hope? In what ways has it made you aware of your own weakness and dependence on God’s grace?
• Do you struggle with “”middle-class Christianity””? In what ways do you sometimes dichotomize/separate your faith and lifestyle?

5. Engage the hands (15-20 mins)
• If you understand the Cross, are you willing to live it out? In what specific ways can you live out the Cross more fully in your daily routines, relationships, and decision-making?
• Reflect on the idea of being “”bread-broken for others.”” Identify specific ways you can live out this principle in your community, workplace/school, or family. How can you be a tangible expression of Christ’s love and service to others?

6. Engage with God in prayer (20-30 mins)
• Take the time to express praise and gratitude to the Heavenly Father for the calling He has entrusted upon your life. Thank Him for the invitation to experience His salvation and the hope found in Christ. Praise Him for the Cross, a symbol of reversal and transformation, where He chose the weak and nobodies to display the power of His wisdom. Thank Him for the privilege of embodying the reality of the Cross as His messengers to the world. Exalt His Name for the life-changing and redemptive work accomplished through the sacrifice of Jesus.
• Humbly repent for any moments when you have allowed your faith to be compartmentalized, falling into the trap of “”middle-class Christianity.”” Ask for forgiveness for the times when you have pursued status and worldly success in a way that dichotomizes your faith and lifestyle. Ask God to grant you the grace to align your life with the wisdom of the Cross, recognizing that true greatness lies in humble service. Repent for any pride or self-promotion that may have hindered the embodiment of His transformative message. Pray for help and perseverance to be bread-broken for others, following the example of our King, Jesus Christ.

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