April 25, 2021

Trust and Enjoy

The wiser we are in the way we view our days, the better we can enjoy life. This week, Ptr. Jared Co unpacks the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3 to explain why and how we can enjoy this life to the full.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

Ecclesiastes 3

Reflection Questions

1. Start with a prayer

2. Think and Reflect

  • Think of a joyous time. Think of a sad experience.

3. Engage the mind

  • Read and reflect on the passage. What does it mean to be happy and joyful?
  • What does it mean to fear God?
  • What did you learn about God through this passage?

4. Engage the heart

  • What are things/situations that God has given you (the positive and the negative)?
  • In what way can God’s Truth in this passage help you be joyful amidst your current circumstances? (Spend time to reflect on God’s love and purpose for you through Christ.)

5. Engage the hands

  • What can you do to practice what you have learned from the passage?

6. Engage God in prayer

  • Pray for yourself and for your loved ones.

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Tithes & Offering

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