April 26, 2020

Threefold Blessings of Worshipping the Lord | Draw Near to God

How blessed are we who worship God! This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung reminds us that we are blessed when we dwell in the house of the Lord, when we find our strength in God, and when we place our trust in Him.

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Read Today’s Scripture Passage

Psalm 84

Discussion Questions

Use these questions to guide your life group discussions or personal reflections.

1. What are your highs and lows during the week? What is something you consider a blessing?

2. Read vv.1-4. The blessing of dwelling in the house of the Lord. What motivates you to be in the presence of the Lord? What does it mean for the ‘sparrow and swallow’ to be near God’s altar? How can we be near God’s altar (Christ at the cross)?

3. Read vv.5-8. The blessing of being on the pilgrimage to Zion. How can you turn inspiration into action? How can your tears turn into refreshing springs? How can your weaknesses turn into strengths? How is having fellowship with fellow believers a blessing to you?

4. Read vv.9-12. The blessing of trusting in the Lord. Read Isa.56:7, what is the Temple called? Why? What is the psalmist praying for in verse 9? What is your attitude towards worshipping God (is it something you enjoy or dread)?

5. How is the Holy Spirit speaking to you through the message? How can you turn this into obedience?

Tithes & Offering

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