March 22, 2020

Where is the Safest Place to Be in Life? | Draw Near to God (14)

In these troubled and uncertain times, where do you turn for refuge and strength? This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shows us how David’s steadfast faith allowed him to find safety in God. Like David, let us draw near to God and exalt Him for His love and faithfulness.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 57

Discussion Questions

1. What is your takeaway from the message? Read 1 Sam.24:2, what is the background of the passage?

2. Read vv.1-4. David trusted God in times of trouble. How did David describe his enemies? Facing these enemies, how did David respond? Read Ps.46:1, how can this Truth be applied in your life? How have you experienced God’s trustworthiness?

3. Read vv.5-8. David sang praise to God in times of trouble. What is the reason why David praised God in vv.5,7-8? How can our hearts be steadfast before God? Are there times when you tend to find security apart from God? Please share. Similarly, Paul and Silas also sang praises while in prison, why is this so?

4. Read vv.9-11. David knew God in times of trouble. What do ‘love’ and ‘faithfulness’ mean? Have you experienced God’s love and faithfulness? Please share. Read Mal.1:2, why does God love Jacob? Read Ps.103:7, what is the difference between Moses’ and the people of Israel’s knowledge of God?

5. Do you believe that God is loving and faithful? How would you like to respond to this Truth in your current situation?