March 22, 2020

Confidence in Uncertain Times | Draw Near to God (13)

How can we be confident in God as we face uncertainty? In this week’s message, Ptr. Jared Co takes us to the time when David fled from Saul in Psalms 57, where we see how David sought God’s help beyond his circumstances, prioritized God’s glory over his own safety, and sang of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 57

Discussion Questions

1. How is our situation similar/different from David’s? What is your understanding of ‘steadfast’?

2. Read vv.1-3. See God’s help beyond your circumstances. What situation was David in? How did David respond to the situation? What are your fears and what are your ”caves”?

3. Read vv.4-6. Seek God’s glory beyond your safety. What does it mean to seek God’s glory? Why would David seek God’s glory in the midst of danger? What does this say about his knowledge of God? How can you start thinking more of God and less of self?

4. Read vv.7-11. Sing of God’s love that’s beyond compare. How is v.5 different from v.11? In what way do you experience God’s love? How can your feeling of fear/anxiety turn into praises to God?

5. How is ‘steadfast’ defined in this passage? How is it similar/different from your initial understanding? What does this passage reveal about who God is? What have you learned from the passage that can help you respond to your circumstances now?