February 23, 2020

Draw Near to God (8): God is Our Strong Fortress

This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung reminds us that we need not fear in the face of tribulations and strong enemies for the Lord is capable of wonderful deeds and is our Strong Fortress; we just have to look to God, be still, and know Him. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 46

Discussion Questions

1. What is your biggest takeaway from this message?

2. What is the background of Psalm 46? Please share briefly. How does knowing this information help you understand the psalm? What can we learn from the prayer in Isa.37:16-20?

3. Read vv.1-3. God is our Fortress; in the face of tribulations, we need not fear. Have you experienced calamities? How did you respond?

4. Read vv.4-7. God is our Fortress; in the face of strong enemies, we need not fear. Read Rom.8:31, how do you understand this Truth? In what way can this Truth help you now? Read Isa.37:36, knowing God’s armies, how is this relevant to you?

5. Read vv.8-11. God is our Fortress; see and observe His wondrous deeds. Refer to 1Kings18 to 19:3 and Matt.6:25-26, how do these verses help us understand Ps.8-11? In what area/s of your life do you need to be still in order to see God’s hands?

6. God is our Refuge, our Strong Fortress. What difficulties are you facing right now? How can this Psalm help you draw near to God?