February 16, 2020

Draw Near to God (7): Spiritual Dryness

Chapters 42 and 43 of Psalms reveal a man who suffers while he is separated from fellow believers and his place of worship. This week, Ptr. Jared Co highlights what the psalmist did to persevere and urges us to adopt these same practices when we cross our own spiritual deserts to find our Hope and Salvation in God. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 42-43

Discussion Questions

1. What is your greatest takeaway from this message?

2. For you, is it important to be intimate with God? Why?

3. Read Psalm 42 & 43. What is the problem in these psalms? What are the 2 causes of spiritual dryness? Describe a time when you felt spiritually dry. How did you cope?

In Ps.42:4, the psalmist was dislocated from other believers. Do you think it is important to be connected with other believers? Why?

In Ps.42:3 & 10, what situation was the psalmist facing? Have you experienced a similar situation where you felt that God is not real? How was it like?

4. According to the passage, what are the ways that helped the psalmist draw near to God? Vv.2, 9, and 43:2 teach us to keep going to God with our doubts. What emotions did the psalmist have? What was he doubting? What did he do with his emotions? What is it like for you to bring your doubts to God? What hinders you to bring them to God?

The psalmist teaches us to talk to our hearts. What does it mean? What are you feeling now? Why is it important to know what we are feeling? Why is it important to have hope? What do you put your hope in? Career/School? Family? God?

5. In Ps.42:5, 11, and 43:5, why is the psalmist praising God AGAIN? How did Jesus experience spiritual dryness? How can you put your trust in God? What is God’s promise of eternal love to us? Are you assured of God’s love for you? How can you respond to God’s love for you?