January 12, 2020

Draw Near to God (2): How Majestic is the Name of the Lord

Who amongst us can speak of God’s greatness and love from direct, personal experience? In this message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung expounds on the richness of David’s experience of our majestic God – experiences that we, too, can have if we draw near to Him. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 8

Discussion Questions

1. Read the passage. What is your greatest takeaway from this message?

2. He is the Lord Who overcomes the enemies (vv.1-2). Who is God’s enemy? Read Ps.2:1-2. Why is God an enemy of the world? How did God use David to beat Goliath? How did God use man to defeat Satan? Who/What is your enemy? What are the victories God has given you?

3. He is the Lord Who is great and all-powerful (vv.3-4). How is man different from animals and plants? How is God different from man? Read 1Cor.1:25, Isa.55:9, and Heb.1:3. In your life, have you experienced the Lord as the all-powerful and great God? Please share.

4. He is the Lord Who cares for us (vv.3-4). In what way were we created in the image of God? Were there times when you looked down on others/yourself/God? How have you experienced the Lord as the God Who cares for us? Please share. In what way can you live out the image of God?

5. He is the Lord Who gives us glory and honor (vv.5-8). Why do we not see glory and honor? Read Heb.2:6-9, how did God bring glory and honor to us after the sin? In your life, have you experienced that the Lord is the God who gives us glory and honor? Please share.

6. As you have experienced God in your life, how would you like to respond to Him?