September 3, 2017

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships (4). True Forgiveness in Relationships

In our relationships, we need to be ready to forgive just as we need to be forgiven. In this week’s message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shows us that true forgiveness is found in the grace we have been shown through Christ. See Part 5

Sermon Notes
When we talk about healthy boundaries and healthy relationships, there are two concepts that we will encounter, which are Freedom and Forgiveness. We spoke about True Freedom last week. Today, we will be talking about True Forgiveness.

In relationships, we need the forgiveness of others because we all inevitably hurt others and have offended other people. Similarly, we also need to forgive others, because we have surely been hurt by others. To have healthy boundaries and relationships, we definitely cannot do without forgiveness. Forgiveness is a very broad topic, and without forgiveness then there can be no true freedom.

Let us look at the true meaning of forgiveness from three angles:
1. ____________ and Forgiveness
2. ___________ and Consequences
3. True and False Forgiveness
a. Forgiveness is not _____________
b. Forgiveness is not _____________
c. Forgiveness is not _____________
d. Forgiveness is not _____________
e. Forgiveness means ________________ for the injury you have done me

Life Group Discussion Questions:

1. Can a person who has been saved by God’s grace not forgive those who have hurt him/her? Why?

2. Punishment and Consequences look very similar on the surface, but how are they different?

3. Can a person live in “The Law of Laws” and “The Law of Grace” at the same time? Why?

4. What is not true forgiveness? What then is true forgiveness? Which aspect do you relate with the most?