September 11, 2016

Restoring God’s Plan for the Family (6). Notice to the Singles

Rev. Cheung encourages the singles amongst us to avoid rushing into marriage for the sake of being married. Instead, seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness first; everything else will follow in accordance with God’s plan and timing (Matt 6:33).

Discussion Questions

1. Proverbs 24:27 “Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.” From this Bible verse, what preparations do you think those who plan to get married must make? In present day situations, what kind of preparations would those be?

2. The Lord Jesus said, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Do you believe this? Regarding the matter of marriage (marrying), how do you appropriate God’s promise?

3. “The man must initiate and the woman must respond”. What do you think of this saying? Can you share realistic ways to apply this principle?

4. Is your standard for choosing a partner too high or too low? What is the appropriate standard?

5. In the matter of marriage, is having financial stability really that important? Can you give some reasons to support your answer?