Purpose of the Project

The new center was designed with discipleship in mind. It will equip us to:

  • Expand our Capacity
  • Extend our Reach
  • Maximize our Effectiveness

To make disciples, we need to provide a warm and safe place for people to grow in the Lord as they live in community with the church.

Imagine what the Lord can do with a church that is ready to accept more people who would come and seek to know God and listen to His Word. After worship services and other church activities, the building’s open floors and hallways will be filled with people who can stay and get to know each other, catch up, and build genuine relationships.

Similarly, our growing children and youth ministries can increase in number and engage the next generation of disciple makers as they are given more space and equipment. We envision more families coming together to the church as the heart of a true disciple is being cultivated within each member of the household.

The Great Commission commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. Jesus wants us to think big and be ready to reach out more. We are not to stay within our comfort zones, our safe places, but to go where God is leading us.

Never was it in our earlier plans to build in a new location, but God opened the doors and arranged things in a way that we are to know that this is His will. He gave us a site in a strategic location – situated in a high-growth central area of Quezon City, just a few steps away from EDSA, and surrounded by new residential and commercial developments. This location allows us to reach not only a new community, but a larger community, and a wider target.

The new center is designed to facilitate our “discipleship process” and increase our effectiveness in doing ministry. Open spaces are intended to encourage people to CONNECT, while fully-equipped classrooms, halls, and specialized rooms will further our ministry efforts to ESTABLISH and EQUIP. As a whole, the new center will be instrumental in MULTIPLYING and deploying mature and equipped followers of Christ to bring light to wherever they live, work, and play.

From its conception to its completion, at the core of this project is our hope that God will use our church to strengthen families, touch other churches in our land, witness to our larger community, bless our country and other nations by raising up countless leaders for God’s Kingdom in the coming generations.