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Joshua: The Servant of the LORD

Joshua showed us that to be a great leader, one must first be a good servant. In this message, Ptr. Genesis Tan urges us to follow Joshua's example of choosing to serve the Lord in humility, courage, and diligence so tha…
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From our Pastors

Reflections from the pastors of the church.

And He Died | Hosea

Sin causes a terrible spiritual death. Our sins rob us of our identity, our status, and our worth. Because of sin, we become ungrateful and arrogant. Let us be quick to repent and confess our sins, lest the wrath of God …
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Feeding on and Pursuing the Wind | Hosea

When challenges come our way, let us be like Jacob; he reached for the Lord throughout his life to gain our God’s favor. Let us not rely on others without first turning to the Lord. Without God, our every act is as fut…
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“How can I” and “I will not” | Hosea

The Lord never gave up on Israel and He has not given up on us. His mercy and love are higher than the heavens and deeper than the sea. Let us ask the Lord for his mercy. Let us pursue holiness. Let us free ourselves fro…
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Love’s Call and Response | Hosea

Out of His deep and unfailing love for us, our Lord calls us back to Him whenever we stray. Let us not be ignorant, stubborn, or self-righteous for to respond in this way is to reject God and reap His judgment.
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Cause and Effect | Hosea

Hosea warns of the judgment that awaits those who speak and act in disobedience to the Lord. Let us repent of our sins and sow righteousness that we may also reap goodness.
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Message Series

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Encounters with God

The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary people like us encountering our extraordinary God – and having their lives transformed as a result. Let us learn from the lives of believers who have come before us. 

The Excellent Christian Life

What does it mean to have an excellent life as a Christian? If our faith does not directly influence all aspects of our lives – our mindset, our choices, our attitude, our priorities – can we truly have an excellent Christian life? 

The Power of Resurrection

What type of believer are you? Have you been transformed and redeemed? Has your faith been put to the test? Watch this series to understand the Lord’s transforming work.