January 2, 2022

1-2-1 風波 Disputes

每一個在教會有職份的人, 無論是牧師, 傳道, 長老, 執事, 部門的領袖, 小組的組長, 有三個 S要謹記在心裡; Suffering, Sovereignty, Servanthood; 以受苦的心, 順服神主權的安排, 僕人的身份來事奉神。

Suffering, Sovereignty, and Servanthood. Everyone who serves in the church must keep these 3 S’s in mind. Listen to Rev. Jeremiah Cheung as he explains how we should submit to God’s sovereign directives and serve the Lord with a servant’s heart.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

Matthew 20:20-28

Questions for Reflection

1. What did I learn about God from today’s message? What did I learn about myself from today’s message?

2. What does it mean for me to be a servant and a slave of Christ?

3. What are my tendencies to be tempted to seek glory for myself?

4. What can I imitate from Christ’s example of servanthood? How am I going to do it?

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Tithes & Offering

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