August 9, 2020

Samuel: Anchors When Navigating Change

How do we navigate today’s unprecedented changes without losing our way? In this week’s message, Ptr. Jared Co urges us to obey, pray, and stay focused on God’s purpose as Samuel did, so we too can weather tough challenges and live a life in favor with the Lord and our community.

Read Today’s Scripture Passage

1 Samuel 1-12

Life Group Discussion Guide

1. Start with a prayer

2. Engage one another (15-30 mins)

  • Choose 2 LG members to share a devotion they recently had.
  • Share a time when you experienced a change in your life. How did you face it?

3. Engage the mind (15-20 mins)

  • How did Samuel obey the Lord? Why is being obedient important to overcome life’s challenges?
  • Why is prayer important to overcome life’s challenges?
  • In what instances did Samuel pray to God? What do these prayers mean? (First prayer in 1Sam.7:5-9; Second prayer in 1Sam.8:6 and 8:19-22; Third prayer in 1Sam.12:16-19, 12:23). Why is it important to pray for others as well?
  • Why is having a sense of mission important to overcome life’s challenges? Why did the Israelites want to have a king? What is the problem behind their request?

4. Engage the heart (15-20 mins)

  • What impact do you want to have in your area of influence?
  • How are you spending your time and energy? Do these things reflect God’s mission in your life? Reflect: What is your mission? Does this come from God?
  • In what way is Jesus the King in your life? Do you struggle with this?
  • Knowing Jesus as your King, how can this help you navigate through life’s changes?

5. Engage the hands (15-20 mins)

  • What about Samuel’s life example that you would like to imitate/work on? How are you going to do it? (Be specific)
  • How can you be faithful to God in your current situation?

6. Engage God in prayer (20-30 mins)

  • Pray for each other’s needs and concerns. (10-15 minutes)
  • Pray for our country. (10-15 minutes)
    • Wisdom, strength, protection, and rest for our frontliners
    • Effects of MECQ to businesses and economy

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Tithes & Offering

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