December 15, 2019

Encounters with God (11) | Mary and the Perfume

When we love Jesus above all else, we can’t help but offer Him our best. In this message, Ptr. Genesis Tan helps us understand the significance of Mary’s lavish offering to Jesus. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
John 12:1-8

Discussion Questions

1. Read the passage. What word or verse struck you the most?

2. According to verses 1 to 3, in what ways did Mary show her lavish love to Jesus?

  • What does her act of honoring Jesus with a lavish gift imply?
  • Why did Mary anoint and wipe Jesus’ feet? How do you see “sitting at Jesus’ feet”? Share your reflections.
  • Why would Mary use her hair to wipe Jesus’ feet? In what ways do you value what others think more than what God thinks of you?

3. In verses 4 to 6, how did Judas respond to Mary’s devotion to Jesus? Heart check: What is my motive in following Christ? Has there been a time that I felt it’s a waste to love and follow Jesus?

4. In verses 7 to 8, how did Jesus respond to Mary’s devotion to Him (read Mark 14:6 and 9)?

5. In this passage, Mary showed her lavish love for Jesus. How did Jesus show His lavish love for you? How did God speak to you through this message? How would you like to respond to it?