October 27, 2019

Encounters with God (4) | Naaman and His Leprosy

God’s gift of salvation is available to all who will accept it and believe. In this message by Rev. Jeremiah Cheung, let us learn through Naaman’s experience how humility is the key to receiving the grace of God. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
2 Kings 5:1-15

Discussion Questions

1. What is your greatest takeaway from this message? Please share.

2. Leprosy is used in the Bible to symbolize sin. How are the two similar? How is sin destructive? Humans have 6 desires. What are these? Compare before and after sin came. Do you struggle with any of these now?

3. How are leprosy and sin dreadful (Rom. 3:23 and Heb. 9:27)? Naaman, King of Aram, and King of Israel all were helpless. Is there anything you feel helpless in? What are the 3 desires in the OT (Gen. 3:16, Song 7:10, & Gen. 4:7).

4. In those days, there was no cure for leprosy, the same with sin. Why did Naaman bring so many gifts? What was Naaman’s response to Elisha (v.11-12)? God gave the gospel as sin’s only solution, but how come the world refuse to accept the gospel? How can we accept the gospel?

5. How did Naaman encounter God in this passage? In what ways have you tried to solve your own sins? For you, what is being ‘born again’? What does the Bible say about it?