October 6, 2019

Encounters with God (1): Jacob and the Messenger

Sometimes, it takes a crisis for us to realize that God has a plan for us. In this message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shares how Jacob’s encounter with God in the midst of a crisis helped transform him from a thief to a prince of Israel. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Genesis 32:22-32

Discussion Questions

1. Please share your greatest takeaway from this message.

2. Read v. 20-22. God brought Jacob into a crisis. What impact did this have on Jacob’s life? Have you experienced a crisis in your life? What impact did it have on your life? Knowing “God loves you just as you are,” how does this affect your view of God and yourself?

3. Read v 24. God led Jacob into solitude. How did Jacob experience God in solitude? Do you have experiences of being in solitude with God? If yes, how have these affected your life? Abraham Heschel: A silent moment, a humble heart, a God. What can we learn from this?

4. Read v. 25 and 28. God led Jacob into a wrestling match with Him. What impact did this have on Jacob’s life? A mark will be left on everyone who wrestles with God, what was the mark left on Jacob? Have you wrestled with God? What was the mark left on you? Reflect: Who is your enemy?

5. How can you apply the lesson of this message in your life?