September 1, 2019

The Excellent Christian Life (14) | Stand Firm

The quality of our spiritual life affects not only us but also the church and the people around us. In this message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shares three reasons why we need to stand firm in the foundations of our faith. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Philippians 4:1-3

Discussion Questions

1. What is your greatest takeaway from this message?

2. Paul pointed out three reasons why we must stand firm, the first of which is we must stand firm so that we will not fall (Phil. 4:1, 1:27, 30). Who or what can cause us to not stand firm? How can we stand firm in such situations?

3. Paul wrote in chapter 3 to ‘press on’. Does this contradict chapter 4’s ‘stand firm’? When do we press on and when do we stand firm? Please share. Read Col. 1:23.

4. Paul said the second reason we should stand firm is so that we will not grieve the people who love us. If you fall today, who will be saddened? Why? Read 2:15b-16.

5. Paul said the third reason we must stand firm is so that we will not cause division in the church. Paul pointed out two women, who are they? What was their problem? What was Paul’s counsel to them? Read Phil. 4:2-3.

6. In which area of your life would you be most likely to fall? How should you manage it then?