August 18, 2019

The Excellent Christian Life (12) | Press On

A focused pursuit of Christ leads to an incredibly powerful Christian life. In this message, Ptr. Jared Co gives us three reasons to press on in the journey of knowing Christ and the power of His resurrection. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Philippians 3:12-16

Discussion Questions

1. What are the three reasons why we should press on? Share what you have learned.

2. Let us press on because Christ took hold of us (v. 12-13a). How have you received God’s spiritual intensity? (Some may be through intellect, emotion, etc.) How can we respond to God’s spiritual intensity? Through knowledge, application, or pressing/focusing on Jesus and looking through Christ’s lenses? Please share.

3. Let us press on because Christ is our Prize (v. 13b-14). Share an experience when you were perplexed but had that one thing that kept you going. What was Paul’s prize in pressing on? Do you look heavenward or looking down? What is your attitude towards that prize?

4. Let us press on because God is with us (v. 15-16). We should expect our imperfection. Compare the word ‘mature’ with ‘perfect’ in v.12. In what area do you need to mature? We must also expect God’s grace. How does this truth encourage you?

5. In your current life journey, what is God’s truth-telling you? How are you experiencing Christ? Reflection: Do you want more and more of Christ?

6. How has this passage helped you gain a deeper knowledge of God’s heart? How has this helped you focus on Christ?