July 14, 2019

The Excellent Christian Life (7) | Spiritual Laws

The life of Jesus Christ is a testament to the spiritual law: “To be exalted, one must first humble himself.” In this message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung urges us to embody the heart of Christ, that we may live excellent Christian lives in the sight of our Heavenly Father.

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Scripture Passage
Philippians 2:6-11

Discussion Questions

1. What is your greatest takeaway from this message?

2. What is the greatest difference between the Lord Jesus and the Devil, Satan? Why is there such a big difference? Compare with Isaiah 14:12-14.

3. How did the Lord Jesus deny himself? For the Lord Jesus, was it a ‘gain’ or a ‘loss’ when He took on human likeness? Please explain.

4. How did the Lord Jesus obey God? Read Deut 21:23.

5. In what way do you struggle with any of these?

6. How did God exalt the Lord Jesus to the highest place?

7. What were the Lord Jesus’ motivations in humbling himself and his obedience? Read 1 Cor 15:24 and Phil 2:7-8.