April 14, 2019

No Greater Love than This

Message by Ptr. Mike Cariño. Audio and video for message are now available.

Scripture Passage
John 15:13

Message Outline
00:26 Introduction and Opening Prayer
06:52 Scripture Reading: John 15:7-17
10:59 1. God’s love involves mutual passions
17:58 2. God’s love brings joyful results
26:37 3. God’s love increases relational closeness
32:19 4. God’s love includes sacrificial actions
35:27 No greater love than this
46:49 Closing prayer

Discussion Questions

1) In John 15:7-17, Jesus invites his disciples to “remain in my love” three times. What does “remain in my love” mean? Why do you think this is important?

2) We try to find “love that brings joy” through relationships, things, applause, and experiences that seem to make us happy at least for a while. But only God’s love can fill and satisfy our starving souls with true joy. Do you agree with this? Why?

3) Why do you think the change of the relationship between Jesus and the disciples from ‘slave’ to ‘friends’ is significant? How does being a friend of Jesus instead of being a slave affect your life as a follower of Christ?

4) If God loves every person in the world, and Christ died for all people, then why is it that not everyone is saved?