December 16, 2018

The Spirit’s Role in the Ministry

In this message, Ptr. Genesis Tan examines the experiences and example of Jesus Christ so we can learn the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry. May the Holy Spirit continue to empower us to preach the gospel to others. Audio and video for this message are now available.

Scripture Passage
Luke 4:16-21


0:00:30 Mission of the church
0:00:58 Many today do not know the Holy Spirit
0:03:20 Luke Chapter 4, Verses 16-21
0:16:12 The Holy Spirit anoints the Lord’s servant
0:35:25 The Holy Spirit sends the Lord’s servant
1:04:40 Closing Prayer

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. What do you want to remember from today’s message?

2. What specific action steps will you do to apply what you learned today?

3. Who is one person that you can share the gospel to? How will you do this?

4. What changes in your life will you make to help you rely more on the Holy Spirit?