September 2, 2018

Be Mindful of Things Unseen (1): The Spiritual World and the Material World

Some of the things that have a great impact on our lives cannot be seen. In this message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung lays the groundwork for a biblical understanding of the spiritual world we live in. Audio and video are now available.

Scripture Passage
2 Corinthians 4:18

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. Please share a point that you have learned from this message.

2. We who belong to the Lord live in these two completely different worlds. Which one is more important, why?

3. Which of these two worlds do you pay more attention to? Why? What have you invested in these two worlds?

4. God is spirit; we cannot see or touch Him. So how can we know and experience Him? Please share your personal experiences.

5. Do you believe that there are angels? Have you encountered angels before?

6. We are all bound by certain laws in this world. These laws, including the physical and spiritual, affect our daily lives. Please share your experiences regarding these two aspects? Which has influenced you more, the physical or the spiritual laws?