March 11, 2018

Build God’s Church (10): A Healthy Church: Loving One Another

This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung looks to the teachings of three great apostles – John, Peter, and Paul – to remind us just what it means to love one another. Audio and video now available.

Scripture Passage
John 13:24, 1 Peter 4:7-8, Romans 13:8

Sermon Notes

1. The Apostle John’s Teaching
a. Love others as you love yourself – this is ____ love.
b. Love others by forgetting yourself – this is ___ love.
c. Love others by denying yourself – this is ___ love.

2. The Apostle Peter’s Teaching
a. ________ one another
b. ________ one another

3. The Apostle Paul’s Teaching

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. Please share your key takeaway from this message.

2. Apostle John says there are three levels of love. What are the three levels? Which level are you able to reach?

3. According to Apostle Peter, what is love about? What does it mean to forgive and complete one another in love?

4. According to Apostle Paul, what does love entail? Why do we feel indebted? How can our feeling of indebtedness be lessened?