March 4, 2018

Build God’s Church (9): A Healthy Church: Ministering to One Another

As a good shepherd tends to his flock, so a good minister takes care of his spiritual family, the church. This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung uses Psalms 23 to explain important principles about the ministry of caring. Audio and video now available.

Scripture Passage
Psalm 23

Sermon Notes

Psalm 23 is a remarkable psalm. Using the metaphor of a shepherd and his sheep, David teaches us several important principles. Let us learn about shepherding together:

1. Leads the sheep to green pastures, beside quiet waters v.2
a. Green pastures
b. Beside quiet waters

2. Restores the sheep’s soul and guides them in paths of righteousness v.3
a. Restores the sheep’s soul
b. Leads them in path’s of righteousness

3. With the sheep even in the valley of the shadow of death v.4

4. Prepares a table for the sheep in the presence of their enemies v.5a

5. Anoints the sheep’s head with oil v.5b

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. What is your key takeaway from this message?

2. What does ‘lead the sheep to green pastures and beside quiet waters’ mean?

3. How does the shepherd refresh the soul of the sheep and lead them in paths of righteousness?

4. The shepherd goes with the sheep into the valley of the shadow of death. What kind of conditions or qualifications are needed by such shepherds?

5. How can we overcome the various difficulties and sufferings that life brings?

6. What does ‘anoint the head with oil’ mean? How can this happen?