February 11, 2018

Build God’s Church (6): Build the Church’s Treasures: The Love of God

This week, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung enlightens us about the Love of God – the second gift God gave His disciples to help establish the church. Though the Apostle Peter felt unfit to serve, God restored him to his place in the ministry by showing him how to love and serve the church.

Scripture Passage
John 21:15-19

Sermon Notes

1. Do you love me more than these?
a. The Lord ________
b. Feed ______________
c. The sheep belong to ____________

2. Do you love me more?
a. People who love only themselves do not know what it means ____________
b. Take care of _______________

3. Do you love me?
a. The Lord knows the depth of our love for him
b. Feed ______________

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. What is your key takeaway from this message?

2. Jesus said: “Do you love me more than these?” In your life, what does “these” pertain to?

3. Why do people who love only themselves not know what it means to serve?

4. What is the difference between shepherding/taking care of the sheep and feeding the sheep? In which of the two aspects do you need to improve more?

5. Why feed the sheep? What is most necessary when it comes to feeding the sheep?