December 3, 2017

Ruth (4): Blessed: What? Why?

Blessings follow when we submit to God. In this week’s message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung uses the questions ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’ to examine how God blessed Ruth.

We conclude our series on the Book of Ruth today. Although there are only four chapters in this book, it is a powerful story of how a person was saved by grace. Chapter one talks about Choices; chapter two talks about Grace; chapter three talks about Submission. Ruth’s submission led to Blessings in chapter four. Submission comes before blessings; it is the spiritual pathway to be blessed.

Sermon Notes

I. What kind of blessings did she receive?
1. She gained a good ___________
a. Boaz had a __________
b. He had an __________
c. He had a __________
2. She gained a good __________
3. She gained a good __________

II. Why was she blessed?
1. She obeyed the Greatest __________ of the Old Testament
2. She obeyed the __________ of the new new Testament

Discussion Questions

1. How did Ruth become blessed?

2. What kind of blessings did Ruth receive? Among these 3 blessings, which do you consider the best? How was it attained?

3. Why was Ruth blessed?

4. Among these 2 reasons, which ones have you experienced in your life?

Sermon Notes: Answers

1. husband, a. kind, b. upright, c. responsible
2. child
3. name

1. Commandment
2. Golden Rule