November 5, 2017

Ruth (1): The Principles of Choice

We make choices every day. In this week’s message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung kicks off a new series on The Book of Ruth by reflecting on two important decisions made in the first chapter.  See Part 2

Sermon Notes

Two important choices are made in the first chapter of The Book of Ruth: the first is Elimelek’s choice, and the second is Ruth’s choice. Elimelek made a poor choice and it brought him tragedy. Ruth made the right choice and it led to a glorious outcome. May the Lord help us learn on how to make the right choices through Ruth’s example.

I. Elimelek’s Wrong Choice
There are four principles we need to understand when we make choices:
1. We have the _______________ to make our own choices
2. We _______ make a choice
3. We cannot escape the __________________ brought on by the choices we make
4. Our choices may affect _________________

II. Ruth’s Right Choice
1. New _______________
2. New _______________
3. New _______________
4. New _______________

Discussion Questions

1. What kind of choices have you made which you ended up regretting? What choices are you satisfied with?

2. Among the four principles for making choices, which one do you agree with most? Why?

3. What was wrong with the choice Elimelek made? What would you decide to do if you were to encounter political and economic problems like theirs?

4. Why did Ruth make the choice to follow Naomi?

5. What were the costs of the choice that Ruth made?

Sermon Notes: Answers

I. Elimelek’s Wrong Choice
1. free will
2. must
3. consequences
4. others

II. Ruth’s Right Choice
1. Decision
2. Direction
3. Dependent
4. Commitment