October 29, 2017

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships (12): Parental Discipline (2)

In part one of this two-part message, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung shared two of the four practices in child-training: Awakening the spiritual appetite and Being a good example to children. This week, Rev. Cheung concludes the message by revealing the next two boundaries for godly parenting.

Sermon Notes

Two More Practices in Child-Training

1. Use _____ to teach them

2. ______ them
a. Understand that each child is _____ in his personality
b. Establish an ______ boundary
c. The stance of the two parents should be the _____
d. The 3 C’s of discipline
– 1. _________
– 2. _________
– 3. _________

Three Mistakes often committed during discipline
1. Exercise leniency before _______
2. Accomplish something through _______
3. Emphasize achievements more than _______

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. Please share how your children differ in their personalities?

2. Are the boundaries you have set for your children appropriate?

3. As parents, do you practice the same disciplinary method(s) with your children?

4. Can you please share your experiences with regards to the “3Cs of Discipline.” In which of the three principles did you find failure or success?

5. In which three areas do parents often make mistakes while disciplining their children? Which area do you have the most experience with?

Sermon Notes – Answers

1) God’s Word
2) Discipline
a) Unique b) Appropriate c) Same
d.1) Caring d.2) Calm d.3) Consistent

1) Strictness
2) Others
3) On Character