October 8, 2017

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships (9): Mothers

A mother’s hands are praying hands — for only through prayer can a mother fulfill the mission God has entrusted to her. This week, Rev. Cheung explains how one becomes a prayerful mother. See Part 10

Sermon Notes

Mothers are called to be great women; the responsibilities they are asked to bear are far heavier than that of fathers. A mother is her child’s encourager, counselor, teacher, tutor, the accountant of the home, a homemaker, and in many cases, also the driver! These are just some of the many roles mothers are called to fulfill.

Mothers possess one unique trait: they always think of their children. A mother’s heart is always with her children. No matter how old you are, for as long as your mother is still around, you will always be in her heart. But beyond just thinking constantly of their children, mothers ought to pray for their children. A mother’s hands are praying hands — for only through prayer can they fulfill the mission God has entrusted to them as mothers. This week, let us explore how one becomes a prayerful mother.

1. Pray hard for oneself
a. ________ – gives us enthusiasm to pray
b. _______ – the we may hold on to God’s promises as we pray
c. ________ – that we may pray unceasingly

2. Pray for Your Children in Four Aspects
a. Pray for your children’s ____________
b. Pray that your children may be ________________ to the enemy
c. Pray for your children to have a ____________________
d. Pray for your ____________________________

Life Group Discussion Questions

1. To become prayerful, a person should have faith, hope, and love. Why is it necessary to have these three? Please give some examples.

2. Mothers are unique in that they often think of their children. If prayer is added to “thinking about their children,” what difference would it make?

3. We can pray for our children in four aspects:
• Pray for our children’s spiritual lives.
• Pray for our children to be free from bondage to the enemy.
• Pray for our children to have a strong heart and spirit.
• Pray for our children’s children.

4. Which aspect/s are you strong in and which aspect/s are you weak and lacking in? Please share your experience.

Sermon Notes: Answers

1. a. Faith b. Hope c. Love

a. spiritual life
b. free from bondage
c. strong heart and spirit
d. future generations (children’s children)