September 24, 2017

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships (7): Husbands & Wives (2)

In this week’s message on the boundaries in marriage, Rev. Jeremiah Cheung starts by redefining important terms that greatly impact the relationships of husbands and wives. He provides a biblical definition of a godly union, then outlines four healthy boundaries that a husband and a wife need to observe for a healthy marriage. See Part 8

Sermon Notes

Today, we will learn about four healthy boundaries in marriage. Before we do so, we need to redefine three important terms because these three are often misinterpreted, especially within the context of marriage, giving rise to a lot of problems.

1. Redefining some terms
a. ___________________
b. ___________________
c. ___________________

2. Four Boundaries for a Healthy Marriage
a. ___________________
b. ___________________
c. ___________________
d. ___________________

Lifegroup Discussion Questions

1. How do the worldly authorities and the spiritual authorities in the Bible differ?

2. What does it truly mean to be a leader?

3. The Bible says: “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Both husband and wife are to learn submission. What is the true meaning of submission?

4. There are 4 boundaries in a healthy marriage, there must be: 1) Self-management, 2) Openness, 3) Mutual Respect, and 4) Response. Which one do you need to learn most? Which one do you feel most deeply about?

Sermon Notes Answers

1. a) Authority b) Headship c) Submission
2. a) Self-management b) Openness c) Mutual Respect d) Response