March 19, 2017

Servanthood (12): The Servant’s Life

Ptr. Genesis Tan takes us through the “Laws of the Kings” found in Deuteronomy 17:14-20 and shows us how the failure of the wisest man in the Bible serves as a great warning for us not to live for power, sex, or money. Instead, we must live in accordance with every Word that comes from God. See Part 13

Discussion Questions

1. What do you want to remember from today’s message?

2. Which issue do you struggle with the most? Living for Money, for Sex, or for Power? Why?

3. What past experiences have you had that motivate you to pursue money, sex, or power?

4. What makes it difficult for you to live according to God’s Word? What can you do about it?

5. What specific actions that you can do this week to apply what you learned today?

6. What else can you do so you can serve the Lord faithfully in your home, work, school or ministry?

7. What support do you need? In what ways can your group help you?