February 19, 2017

Servanthood (8): The Way Up is Down

This week, Ptr. Mike Cariño reminds us of the paradox of Christian Service by highlighting that the path of humility is the road to greatness. See Part 9

Discussion Questions

1. What are you willing to give up to be a true servant?

2. Jesus said that when you live as if you were the least, the last, and the lowest, only then can you be the greatest in my eyes. How low are you willing to become?

3. Are you willing to serve the poor, the weak, the forgotten, the neglected, the rejected, the wounded, the dirty, the disqualified, and those who are not counted as important? Why do you think this is not easy?

4. Do you tend to look at yourself more highly than others? Do you look down on those who are lower than you, those who are different from you, and those who are weaker than you? How can you change this attitude of superiority?