October 30, 2016

Be Rich

As Christians, we are called to ‘arise and shine’ for Christ (Isaiah 60:1-3). To bring light to the people around us, Rev. John Ong urges us to “Be Rich”.

What does it mean to be rich?
– Be rich towards God
– Be rich by preserving a Good Name
– Be rich in doing Good Works

Message by Rev. John Ong

Discussion Questions

1) Is it challenging to develop an intimate relationship with God? Why do you say so? In what ways might you be ignoring Him?

2) “A good name is to be more desired than great wealth.” Do you agree? Do you think this is still true in our present times?

3) Good works is not the source of our salvation, but the Bible instructs us to be rich in good works. This is so that we may lead others to believe in Jesus, who alone can save. What good deed can you commit to do to help those who are in need?

4) What do you think makes it hard for you as a Christian to “Arise and Shine” for God? Which area(s) do you personally need to focus on right now?

5) How would you respond to the challenge of “doing 50 good deeds for 50 days”? How can your lifegroup help you to be consistent in this challenge?

October 30, 2016